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Noah Slade Cosimano

Emotion, Values, Creative. Win Elections.

Political Campaign Strategy, Public Affairs Communications.

About Noah

Noah began his political engagement in high school when he joined a local environmental advocacy group in his town outside of Buffalo, NY. The board successfully lobbied the village government to sign a climate pledge; leading to stronger local policy to decrease waste, and the construction of new, energy efficient government buildings.


With his experience on the board, Noah landed a job managing his first campaign for an open Town Justice seat. The campaign focused on drug courts that would provide a path to recovery for those struggling with addiction.


Following the campaign, Noah joined now - New York State Assemblyman Patrick Burke’s County Legislature office where they championed policies including a ban on the cruel practice of youth conversion therapy, a mandate to train the organizers, coaches, and referees of youth concussive sports on basic concussion protocol, and engaged in diplomacy with the Canadian and state governments to secure extra funding for Great Lakes remediation projects which had largely been depleted by the Trump administration.


In 2017, Noah moved to Atlanta, GA to attend Emory University where he focused his studies on the role digital and social media has had on America’s changing political landscape. At Emory, Noah worked for years with Dr. Drew Westen (author of ‘The Political Brain’) on research surrounding the role of emotions and values in political advertising and messaging, and their positive affects on electoral outcomes. Noah was also tasked with teaching five weeks of effective political advertising for a course on American culture and advertising at Emory.


While in Atlanta, Noah additionally served as a research assistant at Lexicon Strategies where he aided in the development and implementation of effective public affairs campaigns for organizations and companies as diverse as The American Cancer Society, Delta Airlines, CIM Group, American Medical Response, and Integral Group.


In January of 2020, Noah joined the Georgia House Democratic Caucus (GHDC) as a senior advisor to Leader James Beverly, and in 2021 Noah was tasked with rolling out the caucus’s agenda for the new legislative session as the Interim Communications Director. "Through his extensive knowledge of campaign dialogue and tech savvy, Noah has been an invaluable asset," said Leader Beverly of Noah's work during his time at the caucus. During his tenure at the GHDC, Noah coordinated an update of the inter - organizational communications of the caucus and developed a values - based, unified communications strategy that would synchronize activity across all social media and the website, as well as improve the aesthetic of the caucus's brand. In its first weeks, Noah's plan provided for a 33,000%+ increase in activity on Instagram. Facebook activity also saw analytic increases of over 200% across all metrics during most weeks. 

In June of 2021, Noah was described by The Buffalo News as a "big - time campaign consultant" whose work "reflects strength and confidence".

Noah was hired as the Post Production Manager for Putnam Partners in January of 2022. In his role, Noah oversaw the production of the 400+ ads made by the firm in the 2022 mid-term cycle from shoot wrap to ad ship. Skilled in Adobe Premiere, Noah was also tasked with editing b-roll string outs for various clients. Noah also helped to lead efforts pitching the Georgia Blue PAC and We Mean Business Coalition. Noah also worked ably in the edit suite, even producing a self - negative ad test so good that it beat all contending ads.

Noah currently lives in Washington, DC with his Boston Terrier, Eleanor, where he watches his Buffalo Bills religiously and enjoys going to Nats and Caps games.

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About Noah

Experience is key.

Nearly a decade of political
communications & policy 


Post Production Manager, Putnam Partners

Jan, 2022 - Jan, 2023

Interim Communications Director, Georgia House Democratic Caucus

Jan, 2021 - March, 2021

Senior Communications Advisor, Ga. House Caucus Chair James Beverly

Feb, 2020 - Jan, 2021

Research Assistant, Lexicon Strategies

May, 2018 - Aug, 2019

Erie County Democratic Committee, Town Committee Member

Sept, 2016 - Sep, 2017

Legislative Aide, Erie County Leg. Pat Burke

June, 2016 - May, 2017

Campaign Manager, James Granville for Town Justice

June, 2015 - Sep, 2015


The work.

Effective media with real results.

Political and public affairs 

creative advertising.

Video Camera



Social Media

& Digital Advertising

Other Work

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Washington, DC

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